The most nutritious breakfast eggs won the world title

In nutrition circles, the egg has a "whole food nutritional" laudatory name. And recently, the United States of America magazine for eggs put on the " world's most nutritious breakfast " award. According to reports, the egg contains not only known as a variety of nutrients, but also contains two kinds of amino acids, i.e., tryptophan and tyrosine, they had strong antioxidant ability. An egg yolk antioxidant content is equivalent to an apple.

The most nutritious breakfast eggs won the world title-CookingEggs

The human body after a night of the new supersedes the old. Later, be badly in need of nutritional supplements, and eggs contain a protein, fat, egg yolk, lecithin, vitamins and iron, calcium, potassium and other minerals needed by the human body. At breakfast, in addition to eggs, should also contain milk, soy milk, food, vegetable, meat and other food, with a balanced breakfast."


The edible egg yolk or eat protein?

The egg yolk and egg proteins are high-quality protein, digestive rate is very high. However, the egg white and yolk of other nutrients has a bigger difference, protein ovalbumin; yolk yolk phosphoprotein in addition to rich, also rich in fat and micronutrient ( micronutrient is vitamin and trace elements. ), particularly iron, phosphorus and vitamin A, D, E and B family rich content.

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