Some tips of scrambled eggs

Break your eggs into a bowl, add a small amount of milk (about 1 tbs to 4 eggs), then lightly scramble with a fork for a few seconds.

Some tips of scrambled eggs-CookingEggs

Heat non-stick skillet over medium heat with a very small amount of oil or butter. Pour the eggs into skillet and cover for about a minute. The milk will evaporate in the skillet - making the eggs light and fluffy!

Scramble the eggs once in a while with spatula until cooked through. Dump them on serving plate and season with a little salt and pepper. Try em with ketchup!

Other helpful tips:

1. Don't over-beat
2. Add salt to the eggs JUST before adding to the pan
3. Make sure the pan is nice & hot
4. When you add the eggs, turn down the heat, and cook them on a low heat until the end, when you crank it up
5. THE MOST IMPORTANT - If they're done in the pan, they're overdone on the plate.Eggs should be a little underdone when you turn the heat off, the eggs will keep cooking on the plate.

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