How to keep the eggs? How long do you use them?

Eggs should always be refrigerated. leaving them outside refrigeration, can cause bacteria to form.

If a recipe calls for room temperature eggs, I would leave them out for about 2 hours. Otherwise Don't break the eggshell, I don't understand why you wouldn't take them straight from the refrigerator.

How to keep the eggs? How long do you use them?-CookingEggs

Eggs are really fresh when the white doesn't spread out much, but they're still good food unless there's an off odor. You judge eggs by the color of the yolk--the darker it is, the better.

Actually, I've had to keep eggs at room temperature for several weeks, and all they lose is quality--that is, the white spreads out farther. When the yolk diffuses out through the membrane, though, pitch them.

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