How to cooking egg? Do you know a creative way to cook eggs?

Probably hundreds of ways of cooking eggs. The joy of cooking in your own creative life, though I have been learning dozens of eggs cooking method and egg recipes, but I still love to explore some new methods, now, tell you some creative ways to cook eggs.

How to cooking egg? Do you know a creative way to cook eggs?-CookingEggs

300 minute eggs.

Put the egg in the oven at 208-212 Fahrenheit. Check a thermometer or it won't taste right. Leave it alone for five hours. When you peel it, the egg should be hard and brown, with a nutty taste. It is great with a little olive oil or maybe some kind of fish. I recommend smoked oysters or anchovies!

My friend told me about a cool thing to do particularly for the kids. Place two eggs in a zip-lock sandwich bag. Add things you might want in an omelet - grated cheese, chopped ham, cooked bacon or sausage, etc. Zip the bag, place it in a pot of boiling water for about four or five minutes and you have an omelet in a bag. I have not yet tried it but she assured me it works like a charm!

I would make a medium-thick become sauce(white sauce) with nutmeg. Then I would put it in a small buttered ramekin with an egg cracked on top. Sprinkle with some Swiss or mild Gouda cheese. Bake in the oven.

A variation-make is a cheese sauce instead of a bacchanal.

For families or friends you could use any number of the larger baking dishes and as many eggs as the container will hold.

I spray a bowl with No Stick, crack an egg in it & Stir breaking yoke. I add cheese, chorister, Chiles & whatever, then "Nuke" it covered with a paper towel. So Fast & it Slides right out onto a slice of bread for a sandwich or tortilla.

Next time you're making sloppy jobs (or have leftover spaghetti sauce), break desired number of eggs onto the hot sloppy job sauce, and cover without stirring. Eggs will be steaming. When cooked as desired, lift each edge with sloppy job sauce onto a slice of toast and serve.

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