How to hard boil eggs and make sure its done?

There is no test hard boiled egg. You have to boil it for a set amount of time, which may vary slightly depending on the altitude where you live (water boils at a lower temperature up high), let the egg stand for a minute, for the temperature to even out (and during this minute it will continue to cook a little) then slice the top off, add a little butter and salt, and eat it.

How to hard boil eggs and make sure its done?-CookingEggs


You will have to do this a couple of times to get it to your liking. Personally I like it with the yolk a little bit runny. That works out to be about two and a half minutes in the pot, then a minute outside.


Adding salt to the water slightly increases the boiling point, too.

Usually,from the time the water starts to boil count off 8 mins 9 mins.then it's hard boiled!

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