How to cook the perfect hard-boiled egg

IF you want perfect hard-boiled eggs, increase the cooking time by two minutes for each size egg.

How to cook the perfect hard-boiled egg-CookingEggs

As a test, cook just a couple eggs to get the right time. Try cooking the eggs this way and for this amount of time:Timing is critical:
The more water you put in a pan/pot:

  • the longer the water will take to come to a boil;
  • the longer the eggs will have to be in that water and cook until they are done.

When you cook that size egg in conjunction with the time-table I gave you, you SHOULD boil THE PERFECT hard-boiled egg!
The chemical reaction is caused by the conflict of the sulfur from the yolk and the chemicals in the albumen in the white. This is why hard-boiled eggs get that very unappetizing green ring between the white and yolk.

What do I mean by "THE Perfect" hard boiled egg?

  •  The egg will be cooked through and through.
  • There won't be any raw/runny/dark yellow yolk.
  • There WILL NOT be any blackish-green sulfur ring between the white and the yolk.
  • The yolk will be a bright yellow - very appetizing to the eyes and great tasting.

Now, you know how to cook the perfect hard-boiled egg, the times I gave you are for any amount of eggs. The only adjustment you should have to make is the quantity of water, - enough to cover the eggs and amount of salt.

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