How do make fluffy eggs when you scrambled eggs?

When you scrambled eggs,separate the whites and yolks. Add salt and pepper to the folks (and a bit of milk if desired) and whisk lightly. Add a bit of baking powder to the whites and whisk until foamy. Fold the whites into the yolks and lightly whip until mixed. Pour into a skillet that is hot and has a tablespoon of butter melted in it. Cover and allow to cook without stirring, turning over once when the bottom is lightly browned.

How do make fluffy eggs when you scrambled eggs?-CookingEggs

DO add a teeny bit of water, the steam helps them get fluffy.

Do takes your eggs out of the pan just before you think they are ready; their own internal temperature will continue to cook them. Removing them when you believe they are done will lead to overcooking and dry eggs.

Here's the easiest and best way (in my opinion).

1. Don't add a bloody thing.
2. Beat the egg
3. Put a pan on medium-low with a little butter
4. Cook the egg slowly. It should take a while. You may need to take the edge off the heat if it begins to steam too much, thoroughly work it with a spoon or what have you. Simply add salt after you have cooked it, and enjoy it before it is %100 cooked. A little gooey is perfect!

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