Eggs cannot and those foods eat together

Everything has two sides, even if the eggs of high nutritional value, but also to identify which eggs before consumption. Similarly, it is not even the eggs, if don't eat properly will affect the health.

Eggs cannot and those foods eat together-CookingEggs

1. may not be cooked with sugar. Many people have the habit of eating sugar fried eggs. In fact, the eggs and sugar together cooking, will make the egg protein amino acids in the formation of fructosyl lysine conjugates. This substance cannot easily be absorbed by the body, will have adverse effects on health.

2. do not be the soybean milk with food. Drink Soybean Milk in the morning when eating eggs, or lay eggs in the milk boiled is many people's eating habits. Milk taste of Gan Ping, a lot of nutrients, a separate drinking has a strong tonic effect. But there is a special substance called trypsin, and the egg white protein in the egg loose combination, will result in the loss of nutrients, reducing the nutritional value of the two.

3. do not eat together with the rabbit. Rabbit sexual flavour Gan shabby cold, Gan Ping eggs slightly cold, all two contain some biologically active substances, eat a total reaction will occur, will stimulate gastrointestinal cause diarrhea.

4. can't eat hard-boiled eggs. The egg yolk for too long, will form the surface of the ash green FES layer, it is difficult to be absorbed by human body. Protein aging hardens and tough, affect the appetite, also not easy absorption.

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